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What happens if I have little Irish?

We strive to cater for all students, after all, we exist for the simple purpose of teaching the language therefore we aim to include as wide a range of students as possible. All we ask of students is to embrace the course, if their Irish is weak we encourage the student to ‘listen and learn’ and in no time they will begin to feel comfortable with the language. We give students every chance to truly immerse themselves in the course and we offer support and assistance if they are having difficulties.

What will I need on the course?

You should have a packed lunch and drink every day. You also need to bring two hardback copies, some pens and an Irish/English dictionary. Students will be supplied with a workbook when they arrive on the course. For evening activities students should have comfortable, casual clothing. On occasion we may go swimming at the nearby beach (weather permitting) but students will be notified of this in advance.

What is included in the evening activities?

We try and include as many activities as possible so that all students are doing something they truly enjoy. A questionnaire will be sent out to each student in the run up to the course to identify the areas of interest.From this we will make out mini leagues in soccer/basketball/uni-hoc etc. We will also cater for students with an interest in music, art and dance. If there are other activities that students have a particular interest in we will make every effort to include them in the evening sessions.

What happens if I speak English?

We ensure that every student is given the chance to take maximum benefit from the course. Doing this however is a balancing act. We understand that student may have difficulties in adjusting to the Irish rule and we take this into consideration when we are dealing with students that are having difficulties. On the other hand we must also ensure that the credibility of the course is maintained for those students who are making great effort to improve their Irish. If students are struggling we will always speak to both parents/guardians and students to try and resolve issues. It must be noted however that students who continually break the Irish rule will be, reluctantly, expelled from the course.

Can I go on the course if I cannot stay the full two weeks?

There have been occasions when students cannot attend all days or certain times of the course due to other commitments, this is not a problem. Attend the days/times that you can and we will strive to ensure you get the most out of the course while you are there.


SárGhael has one fundamental aim. We wish to be the absolute leader in Irish language education in Dublin. Our courses are specifically designed, by Higher Level Leaving Certificate teachers with years of experience in language fluency. We provide students with an enjoyable, memorable and beneficial experience that will help them fulfil their potential in both the Junior and Leaving Cert.


1) Is í an Ghaeilge teanga an chúrsa. This rule is enforced in a fair and praise-centred way. Students who do not adhere to this rule however will be sent home with no refund of fees paid.

2) Smoking and Alcohol are strictly prohibited.

3) Any form of bullying will result in immediate expulsion.

4) Mobile phones are not allowed on the course.

5) Students may not leave SárGhael without written permission from parents. (IADT is not responsible for managing the participants)

6) Parents will be deemed responsible for any damage done by their son/daughter.

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